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September 2016
As always - you guys were fantastic. The captains and the crews were so helpful and friendly.
Really glad about everything. Thank you for always working with me on this - our 330 participants all had a great time!

-Ron Domash
Catalina Charter


Recently, my family and I went on a Sunday. For the first hour, we enjoyed cruising the ocean blue and the roller coaster waves. Then like magic, the captain & crew spottted birds flying and dropping into the sea. Included in this hub-a-bub, was a dolphin pod! We will return to this biz!

Dan Mariacisneros
(United States Of America)


Hello, We want to thank you for the great trip this past weekend. My family was in town from Mexico and were able to see whales and dolphins! Everyone had such a wonderful experience we will see you again soon.

Rebecca Torres
(United States Of America)


Thank you for the awesome trip. My kids loved the dolphins and want to go back already!

Gus Ramirez
(United States Of America)